A minimal collection of convoluted thoughts that make it to the public: design, depopulating areas, (rural) community empowerment, environmental stewardship, living and working in the mountains, crossing boundaries, and trying to make a difference – publishing is erratic.

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July 2024

The Ugly Duckling

As short-sightedness and laziness are leading to catastrophe, should we better look into the ignored virtues of a spurned resistance?

February 2024

The Inside Perspective(s)

Or in Roberto Unger’s words, “hope is more the consequence of action than its cause”.

April 2020

Healing the Metabolic Rift

Bringing design into neglected territories crucial to survival: a community-based experiment working on a new ‘natural/human’ identity to thrive.

October 2019

A Journey Out of Digital Illusions

The most banal considerations about our designers’ position and three resolutions to a different tomorrow: why I quit my agency career to live and work in the mountains.

September 2019

A Simple Opinion on the Effects of a Designers’ Strike

What would happen if we say designers say ‘NO’ to false progress, accumulating superfluous products, and exploiting people?