A minimal collection of convoluted thoughts that make it to the public: design, depopulating areas, (rural) community empowerment, environmental stewardship, living and working in the mountains, crossing boundaries, and trying to make a difference – publishing is erratic.

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February 2024

Inner Perspectives

A design journey for the future of territories (and us).

April 2020

Healing the Metabolic Rift

Bringing design into neglected territories crucial to survival: a community-based experiment working on a new ‘natural/human’ identity to thrive.

October 2019

A Journey Out of Digital Illusions

The most banal considerations about our designers’ position and three resolutions to a different tomorrow: why I quit my agency career to live and work in the mountains.

September 2019

A Simple Opinion on the Effects of a Designers’ Strike

What would happen if we say designers say ‘NO’ to false progress, accumulating superfluous products, and exploiting people?